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There are many incidents happens in this world for which the mankind don’t have any kind idea that how or why does it actually happen, those incidents are referred to as the Mystery in this Mysterious world.There are many mysterious events in this world which takes place in front of our eyes but we don’t have any idea.

India’s Killer Paratha

The Tapasya paratha junction of Rohtak district in the Indian state of Haryana, Tapasya special Paratha called Killer Paratha because read more

January 4, 2018

Indian Monkey King:Jyoti Raj

Jyoti Raj is an Indian rock climber and wall climber from Chitradurga,Karnataka, India. Known as “Kothi Raju” or “Monkey King”, Raj is famous read more

January 3, 2018

Secret GANESH temple

Dholkal Ganesha is set on top of the Faraspal mountain in Dantewada district. Dantebada is roughly 350 kms from the read more

January 3, 2018

A man having Extra face.

A man  named  Edward Mordrake  is a character of an urban legend who was, according to the legend, born in the 19th century, heir read more

December 25, 2017